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My AVON Story

Thursday, August 11 2016

I joined AVON on April 30th, 2016 on a whim. It wasn't something that had much forethought, and I became a representative within 30 minutes of me thinking about joining. Initially, I decided to sign up as a hobby. I figured that with the low start-up cost, I wouldn't be losing much money if I ended up not being able to sell anything (I have tried other DS companies in the past). I very quickly learned that joining AVON was the best decision I could have possibly made. AVON provides all representatives with FREE Training online and there are also MANY groups on Facebook started by AVON representatives who have built up lucrative businesses and help those starting out by giving them LOTS of advice, motivation and most of all: inspiration. I started my AVON business to give me something fun to do when my children are in school, and eventually, they will be able to help me with various tasks I assign them. I am an avid supporter of Non-Profit Organizations, especially those relevant to my children's specific medical conditions.I am a 30 year old mom of 2 Special Needs children. My son, age 6, has Non-Convulsive Epilepsy (he has had Absence Seizures since the age of 3), and my daughter, age 5, has a genetic disorder called CranioFrontoNasal Dysplasia. These two medical diagnoses have shaped me into who I am today. I am a Stay-at-Home Mom, an Appointment Scheduler, Caretaker, and a walking Family Medical History and Genetics Research Specialist (not really, but you get the point, right?).

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